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Since its creation, GKCA is dedicated to providing quality education, building young minds through a process of instruction that would permit and cultivate high levels of achievements in diverse domains in life. We are passionate about achieving better results in our kids.

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An undergraduate experience like no other

In-Christ identity

The pupils are led to the understanding of who they are in Christ and they progress in their educational carrier, they are introduced to an understanding of the gospel of grace through reading of the word


Having rightly weighed the delicate nature of the age group within its care, Gifted Kids Christian Academy is very conscious of the necessity of a good and clean environment for the kids.

One to one system

This system make the pupils to feel special and unconditionally loved, when an instructor effectively communicates with a child, imparting knowledge at the child’s pace. A careful study …

Get a feel for the school day to day life

our school allowing each child to identify his or her place in our community of learners.

Curricular Activities

Instruction is carefully tailored to suit the needs of pupils at GKCA, through the blending of the national and international curriculums and a very strong emphasis is laid on matching prescribed syllabus content


Extracurricular Activities

They are very important for the children’s human capital development. They help to unlock the confinement of innate talent that surface and finally find positive expression. Stronger ties are established between pupils and their peers.


Bus transportation service is available in Gifted Kids Christian Academy to pick and drop children who register to use this service.

Nutritious lunches

Nutritious lunches are prepared and served to children daily which includes choices of food cherished by children.

Health & Sanitation

The children of GKCA are thought about the importance of keeping the body, teeth, fingers and toe nails, ears clean.

Safety & Security

The pupils of GKCA study in a safe and secure environment. Security agents ensure that children are taken home by the right persons.

“Being a Christian institution with the aim of providing education from a Christian perspective, culturing pupils in the way of Christ while grooming them in the basic foundations of life, GKCA has brought to light the possibility of redefining the educational system of our world.”

“Children are the future of every nation and a sure future implies proper education of these children. GKCA after observing the need to inculcate a reading culture in our kids has put in place a school library that gives each child access to proper and constructive and current educational material irrespective of their age”