Our services

Instruction is carefully tailored to suit the needs of pupils at GKCA

Our services

Bus transportation service is available in Gifted Kids Christian Academy to pick and drop children who register to use this service. Though we provide a house-to-house service, we do take in to considerations the location. Contact our office for more information about transportation services in your area.

Nutritious lunches are prepared and served to children daily which includes choices of food cherished by children. Children who want to benefit of this service will have to register for it.

The children of GKCA are thought about the importance of keeping the body, teeth, fingers and toe nails, ears clean. Keep tidy hair, in general body hygiene and neat appearance in dressing. The toilettes are kept spotlessly clean and pupils are aided when they want to use them, teaching them the importance of a healthy body in a clean environment.

The pupils of GKCA study in a safe and secure environment where the services of well-trained security agents are assured from the best security agencies. Security agents and school staff ensure that children are taken home by the right persons. There is strict vigilance. Pupils aren’t allowed to handle harmful objects in school. Safety standards are high.

We are passionate about achieving better results in our kids—results that go beyond and are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic and enduring.

Our instrutors

A devoted team

A carefully chosen staff of supportive, patient, selfless, loving, caring, devoted instructors with deep Christian convictions highly qualified to understand children’s specific needs and endowed with the were-withal to meet them, guide the children through difficult academic challenges.

These friendly qualities they show forth, creates a friendly environment which fosters academic excellence.